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Welcome to the Chesapeake Bay Company website! As a Company of the Jamestowne Society, we serve the Northern Neck and parts of the Middle Peninsula in Virginia. Unlike most lineage societies, the Jamestowne Society does not require membership in a local Company as a prerequisite to joining the Society; however, many Society members choose to belong to Companies to take advantage of extra opportunities during the year to learn more about their Jamestowne heritage through attending interesting programs and by associating with other Society members on a more frequent basis. Society members may belong to two Companies.

If you currently belong to the Society, but are not associated with a Company and would like to belong to the Chesapeake Bay Company, please send me an e-mail with your membership number, date of admission to the Society, complete name and address and phone contact information, and the name of your Jamestowne ancestor.  It is most appropriate for you to join a Company near where you live or routinely travel, but we have members from other areas, and would welcome hearing from you.

If you do not belong to the Jamestowne Society but would like to, and anticipate joining the Chesapeake Bay Company, you are welcome to inquire about membership. The regular process for admission would be for you to contact a member of the Society whom you know who would agree to be your sponsor. If you live in an area other than the Northern Neck/Middle Peninsula, you can check at the Jamestowne Society site to see if there is another Company close to where you are. The Chesapeake Bay Company, however, will always welcome Society members who are interested in participating in our Company activities.





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